Stinson has a number of registered patent attorneys and patent agents who are licensed to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Our patent attorneys possess a broad range of technical backgrounds, including degrees in agricultural biochemistry, biology, microbiology, chemistry, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, computer engineering and mechanical engineering. Stinson clients are equally diverse—ranging from individuals to universities to start-up technology companies to large publicly traded industry leaders.


We counsel our clients about the types of patent protection available and the circumstances under which each type of patent application is appropriate. We have experience with the preparation and prosecution of provisional and non-provisional utility patent applications, design patent applications and plant patent applications. We also have experience in foreign patent work, including Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) applications, foreign regional applications (e.g., European Patent Convention), and foreign national applications (e.g., Japan). Our patent services include:


We realize that every part of a patent application is important - from the abstract and written description to the drawings and the claims. On one hand, we understand how to counsel our clients in taking a concept and protecting it by seeking appropriate patent protection. On the other hand, even with our technical training, we realize that the inventor is usually the most knowledgeable resource we have. Thus, we work closely with inventors in order to have a full and accurate understanding of the details of the invention.


After the initial filing of the patent application, "patent prosecution" involves corresponding with the USPTO about the disclosure in the application, the scope of the claimed invention and references that impact the patentability of the invention. As experienced practitioners, we realize that advancement of the patent application may often be best facilitated by conducting an interview with the patent examiner in order to crystallize, and often resolve, any outstanding issues in an application. As with the initial drafting of the patent application, our attorneys continue to consult with the inventor so that any resulting patent provides the desired protection for the innovation.

Patent and Technology Transfer Agreements

Our clients frequently ask our patent practitioners to review, draft and/or negotiate exclusive and non-exclusive patent license agreements, patent assignments, strategic alliances, joint ventures, technology development agreements, technology transfer agreements, research agreements, employment agreements, independent contractor agreements and manufacturing and supply agreements. Our experience with such agreements relates to a variety of technical areas, including e-commerce, software, internet, chemistry, biotechnology, computer technology, and electrical and mechanical inventions.

Technical Experience

Stinson represents clients engaged in diverse businesses, both domestic and foreign. Our patent attorneys have developed significant technical experience in a wide variety of areas, such as:


Software & Computer Systems

Electrical & Electronics

Chemical & Pharmaceutical




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