The merger of social media, streaming platforms, wagering and competitive video gaming has provided a robust marketplace for investors, companies and traditional sports teams. However, as with any innovative disruptive force, legal and regulatory uncertainty and challenges continually arise. The Esports, Sports Technology & Wagering team at Stinson is uniquely positioned to provide clients with informed and reliable guidance in these specialized industries.


Our Stinson team is uniquely qualified to address the complex and dynamic needs of our Esports, Sports Technology & Wagering clients. We offer the experience necessary to provide full-service legal counsel to stakeholders throughout the esports ecosystem, including mobile gamers, leagues, franchise owners, broadcasters, advertisers, publishers, agencies and promoters, distributors, sponsors, investors, banks and other leading corporations and individuals.

In addition to our esports proficiencies, we are well equipped to assist sports technology businesses. Our team has provided guidance to companies throughout the sports technology spectrum, including those utilizing augmented reality, biometric data and blockchain.

The Stinson Esports, Sports Technology & Wagering team is passionate about our clients’ businesses and we are able to provide critical insight and guidance – both traditional and emerging.


As more states enact laws surrounding legalized sports betting and daily fantasy sports (DFS), the Stinson team offers guidance on compliance in all facets of gaming laws, including the Travel Act, the Federal Wire Act, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act and the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act.

Moreover, since the passage of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA), the rise of DFS has been quick but tumultuous. States across the country have interpreted certain DFS platforms against the backdrop of UIGEA and other state and federal gambling laws. Thus, it is critical to have legal advisors who are up-to-date on attorney general opinions and legislation throughout the U.S. that regulate or prohibit DFS to minimize risk exposure.


The Stinson Esports, Sports Technology & Wagering team can assist with the following legal needs:

Funding / Securities

  • Family and friend's investors / seed capital
  • Angel investors
  • IPOs
  • Commercial lending and traditional financing
  • Venture capital, including introductions to venture capital investors, financial institutions, accelerator programs and alternative financing sources

Labor / Employment / Immigration

  • Employment agreements
  • Appearance contracts
  • Immigration visas

Intellectual Property

  • Online streaming rights and brand management
  • Advertising, promotions and sponsorships
  • Patent and trademark protections
  • Licensing agreements

Strategic Ventures

  • Joint ventures and strategic partnerships
  • Mergers and acquisitions


  • Data security, privacy and information governance
  • League participation agreements
  • Wagering and betting compliance opinions
  • Investigations and enforcement
  • Business and tax structuring



News & Insights


At the Corners Newsletter

At the Corners Newsletter

The sports marketplace has permanently changed, and Stinson is prepared to help you navigate these new challenges. Our quarterly publication, At the Corners, discusses relevant topics for you to stay in the game when it comes to esports, sports technology and wagering.


Important questions currently facing the sports and entertainment industries: Is content generated by artificial intelligence systems entitled to copyright protection? Are Decentralized Autonomous Organizations operating in compliance with state and federal law? Are the increase of facial recognition technologies at sports venues a violation of state biometric privacy laws? The eighth issue of At the Corners addresses these issues by examining the intersection of technology and the law.

Decentralized Autonomous Organization Laws Across the U.S.

By Morgan Johnson

Generative AI

By David S. Kim

A New Type of Face Painting - The Use of Facial Recognition Technology in Sports Venues

By Steve Cosentino, CIPP and Alli Baden

If you would like to receive more information on these and other Esports, Sports Technology & Wagering topics, please subscribe to our quarterly At the Corners newsletter.

At the Corners Newsletter

Previous Issues

Issue 7 - March 2023

Do Not Pass Go: The Plight of New Soccer Competitions in Europe

FTX Fallout: How Sponsorship Partners are Moving Forward

Pay-for-Play: The Status of College Athletes as Employees

Issue 6 - September 2022

Meta Bags: NFT Complications and Considerations for Traditional Brand Owners

Pass Interference: Potential Tax Implications of NIL Collectives in College Sports

Issue 5 - April 2022

Music Licensing in the Age of TikTok

Running a Legal Sweepstakes or Contest in the Esports and Online Gaming World

Show Me the Tokens – Using Cryptographic Tokens to Activate Fans

Issue 4 - October 2021

The Anti-Cheating Movement: Ridding Esports of Cheats

Esports Teams Face Enemy Fire from State Talent Agency Acts

A Dollar and a Dream: Student-Athlete Compensation in the Aftermath of U.S. Supreme Court's Alston Decision

Issue 3 - May 2021

Biometrics in the Ballpark – How Teams and Leagues Can Mitigate Data Collection Risk

The First Circuit Rules that the Wire Act Applies to Sports Betting Only

Morality Clauses in Contracts are Escape Hatches for Streaming Sponsors

Issue 2 - November 2020

What's Loot Got to do With It?

Should Investors be Wary of Esports Arenas? Traditional Stadium Litigation Hints at Risk

An Overview: Colorado's Expansion into Legalized Sports Wagering

Issue 1 - August 2020

A Victory for DFS and the "Predominate Factor Test"

There is a Price for Athlete Data

Revisiting the Federal Wire Act on Appeal

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