Keeping Track: Summary Chart of COVID-19 Federal Benefits and Programs for Businesses

By David Jenson, Tessa Trelz, Johnny Wang and Lauren Druessel

In the past six weeks Congress has passed hundreds of pages of legislation aimed at assisting businesses through the COVID-19 pandemic. It can be difficult to keep track of all of the programs and the dizzying array of new acronyms that accompany them. Business people whose time is already consumed with trying to maintain operations through unprecedented economic circumstances will find it difficult to parse through all of the rules and regulations relating to eligibility and restrictions in the various programs. 

The chart that follows is meant to serve as a quick-reference guide to the main federal programs created in response to the pandemic for general businesses (some health care industry specific programs are omitted) and their eligibility requirements and main features. This chart should serve as a starting point only, because most of these programs and benefits are subject to complex regulations and restrictions (many of which we have detailed in our other COVID-19 alerts). With that in mind, we hope that this tool can at least guide business owners and operators in the right direction in choosing which programs to focus on and explore in further depth.

View the Summary of COVID-19 Benefits and Programs PDF.

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