Can’t Touch This: Managing Return to Work Complications and Concerns Webinar

05.14.2020 | 9 - 11 a.m. CDT

As the curve of COVID-19 infections begin to level off, employees recover from infections, and government shelter-in-place and similar orders begin to expire, businesses are confronted with the complexities of returning employees to work in a manner that is safe and ensures business continuity. There are also property/space considerations depending upon the type of property, the local rules and regulations that limit and govern re-opening and real estate relationships between landlords, tenants and visitors to property that need to be carefully evaluated. Additionally, while businesses which need additional capital for operations may benefit from the Paycheck Protection Program, they will need to navigate the complex and unclear rules regarding eligibility, use of funds and loan forgiveness, including requirements for maintaining employment and compensation levels.  

Please join Stinson attorneys Johnny Wang, Molly Walsh Keppler, Brittany Barrientos, Todd LaSala, Christine Eid and Gerald Weidner for a discussion on the unique challenges businesses and employers face as businesses begin to reopen. 

Topics will include:

  • Policy Review and EE Acknowledgement of New Policies 

  • ADA Accommodations

  • Medical Testing

  • Preparing for Potential Second and Third Waves

  • OSHA Provisions including PPE and Respiratory Protection

  • General Duty Clause and Changing CDC Guidance

  • Implementing reopening measure and navigating local rules and regulations 

  • Guidance around the Paycheck Protection Program, including eligibility requirements for PPP loans, permissible uses of PPP funds, loan forgiveness rules and safe harbor loan repayment

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