We serve the legal needs of dreamers, creators and risk takers. We help our clients develop, grow, protect and monetize their creative works. We represent actors, recording artists, music producers, authors, songwriters, producers, fashion designers, digital and print content creators, illustrators and graphic designers, managers, athletes, social media influencers and celebrities in all matters related to their creative and professional needs, including endorsement and sponsorship deals, contract negotiations, estate planning, entity creation (profit, non-profit or public benefit), intellectual property protection and rights of publicity and privacy.

We also work closely with entertainment and media businesses including publishers, production companies, broadcasting companies, independent record companies, entertainment venues, museums and theaters, stock footage houses, broadcasters, media companies and advertising agencies in many areas including business operations, contracts, licensing and distribution, merchandising, employment, immigration, finance, acquisitions and sales, real estate, intellectual property and litigation.

Who We Work With

  • Broadcasters, stock footage and stock photo companies, and media companies
  • Actors, artists, authors, musicians and entertainers
  • Content creators, owners, licensors and distributors
  • Interactive and social media developers and producers
  • Producers and distributors of user generated content (UGC)
  • Fashion designers and vendors
  • Advertising agencies and licensing intermediaries in connection with commercials, securing rights for commercial use and rights management, and licensing


  • Drafting and negotiation of recording and publishing agreements
  • Motion picture, television and music development agreements
  • Appearance and endorsement agreements and licensing
  • Royalty licensing and disputes
  • Model, artist, photography and publication releases
  • Agreements for content production and distribution, and commercial licensing rights
  • Talent agreements
  • Negotiation and licensing of movie options for books, software publications, and sound and video recording
  • Publishing agreements and disputes
  • Merchandising and licensing agreements
  • Production, financing and distribution agreements
  • Revenue share arrangements for commercialization of content and data
  • Social media, user generated content, and website issues
  • Trademark and copyright protection, enforcement and licensing
  • Non-profit, for-profit and public benefit entity creation
  • Video production and broadcast agreements
  • Rights of publicity and privacy, and clearance of talent for commercial use
  • Sweepstakes and contest law compliance
  • Promotions in social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest
  • Theatrical agreements and stage adaptation rights negotiations



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