Stinson Leonard Street's Emerging Trends Newsletter - Fourth Edition


We are pleased to bring you the fourth installment of Stinson Leonard Street's Emerging Trends Newsletter. As industries and regulations are constantly changing, our attorneys have identified some of the most noteworthy topics in various disciplines to share their insights on in a timely manner.

Attorneys from several different practice areas and from across our firm's geographic footprint regularly share their insights in to the latest legal developments in various industries and the impact these will have on our clients' businesses.

We hope you find this installment informative. Be on the lookout for upcoming issues and please contact us if you would like to discuss anything further.

The Volcker Rule Under the Trump Administration

Perry GlantzBusiness Litigation
The Dodd-Frank prohibition on proprietary trading and hedge fund ownership by banking entities may be curtailed under the Trump administration.

American Bankers Association v. National Credit Union Administration

Perry GlantzBusiness Litigation
Recent litigation renews the ongoing dispute between banks and credit unions over the permissible scope of credit union membership.

Independent Community Bankers of America v. National Credit Union Administration

Perry GlantzBusiness Litigation
This recent litigation challenges the ability of credit unions to participate in loans made to borrowers by other lenders in such a way that would exceed the lending limits of the credit union.

How to Manage ADA Website Compliance

Angie Fletcher – Banking and Financial Services
Banks and businesses continue to be pelted with letters from plaintiffs' law firms demanding their websites be accessible to the disabled. While rules and regulations are still pending from the Department of Justice, this article provides immediate action steps banks and businesses can take to help protect themselves from a costly lawsuit.

Colorado Criminalizes Passing Pets Off as Service Animals

Angie Fletcher – Banking and Financial Services
No, Rover can't go! Colorado passes a law making it a crime to pass your pet off as a service animal.


Daniel Wennogle – Business Litigation and James Montgomery – Business Litigation
This article discusses an anticipated FAA rule that could loosen the current regulations on flying drones over people and increase the potential for commercial use. Though the rule was originally anticipated by late 2016, there has been some delay on the part of the FAA and the Office of Regulatory Affairs at the White House in releasing the rule to address privacy and safety concerns.

Emerging Products Liability Threats to Growing Marijuana Industry

Zane GilmerBusiness Litigation
As the marijuana industry continues to expand, so too do the legal threats to marijuana manufacturers and distributors. This article evaluates various products liability risks that marijuana manufacturers and distributors face.

Urban Renewal Puts "Non-conforming" Businesses and Buildings at Risk

Ryan SugdenBusiness Litigation
Cities often try to foster urban redevelopment by rezoning commercial and industrial parts of town. When this happens, existing businesses receive "grandfather" status as a legally non-conforming use, which allows the business to remain open despite the zoning change. This article reviews the risks to owners of being considered a non-conforming use, and offers tips for how to avoid losing the non-conforming status and how to increase the ways in which a non-conforming use can be used.

When Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Charles ReddTax, Trusts and Estates
Defective trust administration, whether negligent or intentional, can cause a tax disaster even if the underlying trust instrument is technically sound.

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