Labor, Employment and Employee Benefits Executive Briefing, April 2014


Executive Briefing focuses on emerging developments in employment, labor law and employee benefits.

Access the full PDF version of the Labor, Employment and Employee Benefits: Executive Briefing, April 2014

Employers Should Review Internship Programs for Legal Compliance

Before employers bring on interns, they should review their programs to ensure compliance with applicable wage and hour laws, including the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). An unpaid intern may actually be an employee under federal or state law. Read the full Executive Briefing for practical guidance on internship programs as well as to understand how the Department of Labor determines if an employee is subject to FLSA protections.

Developments in Equal Pay at the Federal and Minnesota State Level

April 8 has been given the moniker “Equal Pay Day” in recognition of the broad national statistic that women earn 77 cents on the dollar as compared to men. In this month's Executive Briefing, learn about recent developments related to this topic at the federal and the Minnesota state levels.

New IRS Guidance on Health Flexible Spending Arrangements

After modifying the "use-it-or-lose-it" rule for health Flexible Spending Arrangements (FSA), the IRS recently released two additional memos. The additional guidance clarifies how the new $500 FSA carryover feature operates in connection with the FSA grace period rules and HSA eligibility rules, and what correction methods FSA sponsors may use to correct improper payments made from an FSA. Read the full Executive Briefing to learn more.

Minnesota Increases Minimum Wage to One of the Highest in the Nation

Minnesota has long had one of the lowest state hourly minimum wage rates in the nation — $6.15 per hour for employees of large employers and $5.25 per hour for employees of small employers. On April 14, 2014, Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton signed a law which substantially increases the state minimum wage and which now puts Minnesota in the ranks of the states with the highest minimum wages. Read the full Executive Brief to understand the key features of the new law.

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